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And in those days, he who created the universe took fire; and he set the universe on fire...
[Korowai myth of origin]


Welcome visitor!

If you got here from that most optimistic newsgroup of all, alt.fan.elite, from a GalNet terminal, or from the Elite Forum (or from a number of other Frontier-related sites), here is the program I promised: FFEStarsys.zip.

The people who found this site googling for "stockmarket bargains" (really!) won't know what this is and probably won't bother. B*gger off to them.


Click on the not-so-small thumbnails to oogle over the real 100% thing. That is, if you can't download the binary!


Main screen Trade info Planet info
Preview of main window Preview of trade window Preview of planet window
You must imagine dragging the map around and seeing the stars move in glorious 2½D for yourself Check out the trading tips! This is but a few lines of the knowledge contained in the Encyclopaedia Limesii.

The GPS² Online Database

Galaxy map

A rather distressing report...
The GPS2 Database Preview of galaxy What's this all about?
Editable ... a first and very rough attempt, though small... smaller... I'm feeling tiny... Someone is under investigation, it seems...

Hey! It's a Cobra!

That's a busy star system
Start screen Orbits all around
The 3D data came from Oolite! The white blob near Earth consists of a lot of spaceships



Based on original data and algorithms from Frontier:Elite 2 and Frontier:First Encounters by David Braben (Frontier Developments)

Original copyright holders:
Elite 4: The Next Encounter ? David Braben 2011?
First Encounters ? David Braben 1995
Frontier ? David Braben 1993
Elite ? David Braben and Ian Bell 1984



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